Make a statement this summer with these unique crop tops

Crops tops have made an enormous comeback since its been introduced.Its definitely a great step to kick-start your summer with such a spunky wardrobe staple.Get more trendy and groovy this summer,Summers?not really because this little piece works amazingly for winter as well with excellent options to choose from.

Most of us have seen many celebs and fashion lovers spotted wearing crop tops around the world with great sense of style.Crop tops are not only about showing skin or showing too much of it.Its purely and completely about wearing it your way with all the confidence and elegance.Make a statement this summer with these remarkable and unique crop tops.Scroll down to see the three best crop tops trend.

1.Crop tees are one of the trendiest and hottest type of crop top to go for this summer and what's making them even more style stellar is their coolest graphics and fabulous  designs. What's interesting about crop tee is they can be perfectly 

match up with almost everything high-waisted,pants,skirts, culottes,boyfriend jeans and shorts.Crop tee is certainly a must-have piece for your wardrobe this summer.

Make a statement this summer with remarkable crop tops
2.The second is bustier ones which are absolutely feminine and voluptuous crop tops.Whenever you are unsure of unveiling any part of your mid-section,just try and go for a different color t-shirt or shirt underneath for your comfort and ease and to make you feel more stylishly fashionable.

Most of us think that it only works for a too much party thing,which is not at all true rather they are even classic in the casual prints.The best way is to pair them with high-waisted bottoms like high waisted jeans,tights,shorts,pencil skirts and A-line skirts will be incredibly magnifying with bustier crops.

Make a statement this summer with remarkable crop tops

Make a statement this summer with remarkable crop tops

Make a statement this summer with remarkable crop tops

3.High neck crop tops are the most fitted and gorgeous ones to hit the summer and a great way to show off your toned abs without showing too much skin.Be definite about wearing the high neck crop top around the belly-button and your jeans slightly up to look classy and elegant.
A cropped turtle neck top is best worn with high waisted skirts and jeans which works for winter outfit too layer it with blazers to add a statement.

Make a statement this summer with remarkable crop tops

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