Crop it up with crop tops

Crop tops are nothing less than a hot piece of trendy wear though they have not been appreciated much in the 90s but now they are rocking everywhere and seems like everyone's loving it..Whats more interesting is that they working for all the body-types from the skinny to the healthier ones.It suiting on all the pretty ones out there.

People who are on the skinner side looks super hot with high neckline crop tops as it signifies thier look and a little fleshy ones could also go for the lose and round ones,whether its showing a little belly or much its only about handling it with confidence and comfortness.

crop tops
Jelo is rocking with this crop top and
pencil skirt no doubt she's a stunner
I am totally obsessed with Crop tops as they are sensationally super sexy in itself, wearing it with almost anything would look amazingly elegant and young whether its with hot pants, jeans, trousers, skirts, pencilskirts shorts, high waisted shorts and long printed maxi skirts its perfectly works with everything. Accessoring it with watches, big sunglasses,cool rings will definately add funness to the look. Crop tops effortless style will undoubtedly make a fashion style statement.

crop tops
 Miley cyrus looking very elegant is this short
crop top-long skirt perfect outfit for her.

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